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General Questions?

- What can I do in the Articles section?
- What is a Contribution?
- What is an Inspiration?
- What Projects can I do at Toxuus?
- How can Toxuus help me with my Projects?
- How can I join a Project?
- How can I embed images into my texts?

Questions & Answers

What can I do in the Articles section? (back to the top)
In the Articles section you can post interesting articles (Article Post) from various information resources in the subject of your own choice. You can retrieve those articles through special tags assigned to each article or through various search options. This will not only help you categorize your favorite articles but also reach them easily in the future when necessary.

Furthermore, users can share their Inspirations by attaching them to an Article Post. This gives users opportunity to note down their ideas inspired by the corresponding triggering article, which in turn inspires interested users to realize them, if they are substantially strong, by developing research projects and writing up new articles. In this way, Articles section presents a common platform for scientists, engineers, and researchers to share their best ideas toward many valuable collaborations and projects.
What is a Contribution? (back to the top)
Contribution is a feedback or comment to a Project from general Toxuus members to help project members how to improve the Project.

Contribution, as the name implies, is intended to contribute to Projects through
(a) a comment on the validity of the author’s claims or proposal with supporting arguments and references, if any,
(b) or a suggestion for additional subjects that might be included/explored within the Project and references, if any.

We highly appreciate any comment or suggestion, which fall into these categories. Any comment or suggestion not of above or similar nature, however, is considered as spam. Therefore please do not make any comment unless you think that it will help authors how to further improve/develop their Projects.
What is an Inspiration? (back to the top)
Inspiration is a comment or suggestion triggered by an Article Post, which has sufficiently strong potential to be developed into a Project. Main difference between the Inspiration and Contribution is that the former is intended to inspire new projects, while the latter is just for the consideration of the Project members who has already started a Project.
What Projects can I do at Toxuus? (back to the top)
Projects can be of three types:
(i) Open Question Project
(ii) Developing Project,
(iii) and Defined Project.

Open Question Projects are to explore any open question that challenges researchers. Developing Projects are incomplete projects. As its name implies, a Developing Project aims to develop a useful project by, for example, possibly integrating the Contributions of interested users. In contrast, Defined Projects are the most concrete and well-defined projects. The moderator of this type of project is supposed to know at least how to start the project as well as how to guide the project members in accordance with their capabilities.
How can Toxuus help me with my Projects? (back to the top)
If you are serious about to know the secrets of the Universe, you should probably have a lot in your mind that you’d like to explore and realize through research and experiments, but because of the lack of time and limited capacity, they all fail to go beyond a mere dream. Toxuus can help you realize your dream projects with little effort only. Here is how: Go to Projects -> Start a Project. Post an abstract and take your notes about the project when you have time or are bored of routine jobs. If you keep this page active with a substantially attractive abstract and detailed information, you can impress your visitors, who eventually may like to be a part of your project. Here is the conclusion: Do not throw away your project ideas, just take note on Toxuus. If you do not have time and opportunity, someone may have it for you. Just be attractive!
How can I join a Project? (back to the top)
First, find the project that you want to join. Then, Click the Join Project in the bottom of the page. Follow the instructions therein to join the project you choose. You can check the status of your approval from My Toxuus -> My Projects.
How can I embed images into my texts? (back to the top)
First, go to My Toxuus -> Upload File to upload the image file that you want to insert into your text. Then, you will get a link to the file. Use this link in your text. HTML commands that you may need are usually given in the bottom of the pages you are editing.