About Us
The name “Toxuus” was derived from randomly chosen letters in such a way that the subsequent letter drawn is compatible with its preceding according to the English phonetics.


Toxuus aims to provide a quality online service for the interaction of scientists, researchers, engineers, companies and institutions from diverse fields of science and engineering to facilitate the development of high-impact rich number of articles, projects, applications, and products with only little effort.

Our goal is to help companies and individuals succeed. We do this by turning industry contacts, researchers, engineers and scientists from any field, into collaborations, and then turning those collaborations into positive results. The followings are the main ideas on the way of how to reach our goal.

  • To facilitate communication.
  • To foster collaborations.
  • To share knowledge freely (open knowledge).
  • To reach resources quickly and properly.
  • To solve problems fast.
  • To present the latest in science and technology.
  • To encourage creativity, imagination and inspirations.
  • To forecast the impacts of future science and technology.
  • To support science-fiction.
  • To advance the science and technology for the best of humankind.
  • and, to motivate.


Toxuus intends to be an ultimate academia exploring the Truth through the advancement of science and technology.